2015 Summer Camp

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The Science of Language


JUNE 1-5

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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Language is an integral part of life. In linguistics, we study language scientifically in order to understand the physical, cognitive, neurological and psychological properties of human language. In this camp, students will learn about the various structures and properties of language, including sounds, words, sentences, the computational applications of these properties, and more!  Students will develop analytical skills, learn about the scientific method and hypothesis testing, brain imaging, improve SAT vocabulary skills by studying the history and structure of key English vocabulary, and also discover the rich linguistic and cultural history of Arizona.

The 2015 Science of Language Summer Camp covered:

  • Sound patterns
  • Brain imaging
  • Word structure and meaning
  • Exploring the languages of Arizona
  • Phrases, sentences, and language learning
  • Computational Linguistics through CSI Linguistics: solving crime with language