2015 Testimonials

About Activities

"Thank you for teaching the linguistics camp. It was very fun, and I learned a lot across a wide span of topics. I particularly enjoyed discussing history and the evolution and types of grammar -- though I enjoyed all of it."

"Seeing the MRI, using LingSleuth, figuring out Hiaki grammar, and other activities were fun!"

"I found the topics of language families, plurality, and language acquisition the most interesting, though anything involving historical or psychological linguistics was fascinating."

"Some of my favorite activities were the IPA, endangered languages, language history, and language learning by children."

"I found language and brain mapping specifically interesting."

"I thought that using all of the different computer programs (PRATT and MRICRON) were fun and really helped to put things in perspective."

"I liked the scientific and computer oriented part of this camp."


"I would recommend this camp to a friend that likes languages."

"This camp taught me so much and I've enjoyed it immensely."

"I would absolutely recommend this camp, it would interest my friends."

"I would recommend this camp!"