2016 Summer Camp

Take a look at the details on our 2016 flyers!

  • Camp SOLA (Science of Language at Arizona)

  • Dates: June 20-24

  • Time: 8:30am-3:00pm

  • Price: $295 and allow overnight options

  • Grades: 7-9 graders and 10-12 graders


All human communities have language - and our language is central to our lives.  We use language not only to communicate with each other, we use it in our dreams, in our art, and some have even argued that language is the stuff of thought itself.  This camp introduces concepts and methods in linguistics - the scientific study of language. In linguistics, we study language in order to understand the physical, neurological and psychological properties of human language. Students in the camp will develop analytical skills, learn about foreign languages and the scientific method, explore brain imaging and speech technology, improve SAT vocabulary skills, and explore the linguistic and cultural history of Arizona.

Both camps will explore phonology and phonetics (the sounds we make), languages of Arizona, syntax and morphology (how do we put words together?) and more! Check out the flyers for more detail on what will be covered in each program.