Academic Programs

Why study linguistics at the University of Arizona?

  • The department is ranked 12th in the country, according to the recent National Research Council (NRC) survey.
  • Our Ph.D. program in Linguistics is ranked 9th in the country by NRC.
  • Faculty members in our department are recipients of such distinguished awards as the Earl H. Carroll Magellan Circle Fellowship, YWCA Lifetime Achievement Award, Provost's General Education Teaching Award, Regents' Honor, Dean's Award for Excellence in Lower Division Teaching, and more.
  • Our faculty includes the poet laureate of Tucson, a former two-time president of the Linguistic Society of America, and two fellows of the National Academy of Sciences.
  • The department maintains special relationships with Native American nations and includes Navajo, O'odham and Southern Ute Faculty, who are fluent speakers of their languages.
  • Our joint Anthropology and Linguistics (ANLI) Ph.D. program is one of only two such programs.
  • Our M.A. program in Native American Linguistics (NAMA) is the only one of its kind in the country.
  • Our Master's of Science in Human Language Technology is considered a Workforce-Ready Master's Program. The University of Arizona Graduate College with assistance of the Louise Foucar Marshall Foundation created the Workforce-Ready Master’s Fellowship.



The Department of Linguistics provides a comprehensive and enriching educational experience in the undergraduate and graduate programs.  The Department offers a BA in Linguistics, an Accelerated MS in Human Language Technology, an MS in Human Language Technology, an MA in Native American Languages and Linguistics, a PhD in Linguistics, and a Joint PhD in Anthropology and Linguistics. The Department is one of the very few linguistics programs that offers students the opportunity to participate in a wide range of specializations, including formal and experimental phonology and phonetics, formal syntax and semantics, psycholinguistics, language endangerment and documentation, neurolinguistics, and computational linguistics.

Undergraduate Program:

The Undergradute Program in Linguistics includes both a BA and an Accelerated MS. Our undergraduate students pursue a variety of professions or advanced degrees in linguistics and related disciplines, including anthropology, psychology, cognitive science, speech-language-hearing sciences, second language acquisition and teaching, and neuroscience, among others.

If you have any specific questions about our undergraduate program, please send an email to or visit the advising page by clicking here.

Graduate Program:

The Graduate Program in Linguistics is among the most competitive linguistics programs in the country, offering advanced degrees in Linguistics (PhD), Human Language Technology (MS), Native American Languages and Linguistics (MA), and Anthropology and Linguistics (joint PhD). The Department of Linguistics also offers current UA undergraduates the option to complete the Accelerated MS in Human Language Technology. In addition, students enrolled in the PhD program complete either an MA or MS along the way to their PhD.