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Digital Audio Recorder Cheat sheet for the Marantz PMD660



# Turn power on: The power switch is located on the side of the recorder.
# When making a recording you have to tell the machine what microphone you want to use. Preset 3 or 2 are the best options for a good audio recording. Do this by selecting one of the following presets:
** Preset 1 = (44.1K I.mic) no external mic at all, this uses the internal mic in the recorder.
** Preset 2 = (44.1K Line) this uses a 1/8” inch mic connector (the little one) which can be plugged into the Line IN connector.
** Preset 3 = (44.1K mic) this uses an external mic that plugs into the slot with three holes (XLR connector) labeled 'MIC IN'. Plug you mic into the 'L' (left) or 'MONO' connector
# To select a Preset hit the 'MENU/STORE' button and then hit the left “TRACK JUMP” button to select different presets. If you selected either Preset 2 or 3 connect the mic to the recorder.
# Double check the speaker volume, make sure that it is turned all the way down, if it is turned up at all a feedback loop will start (The recorder will yell at you!).
# Before starting to record adjust the gain (recording volume) on the side of the recorder. If you are looking down at the recorder it's at the bottom right hand corner. The lights next to the dial on the side indicate the amount of volume. Set the volume by turning the dial so that the lights do not hit the red but are up to the yellow.
# When ready to record, press the 'REC PAUSE' button on the top of the recorder and it will be ready to check levels (this means adjust the gain as in step 6), then when the levels are ok press the red 'REC' button and the recorder will start.
# To pause in the middle of a recording press the pause button, then to resume recording hit the 'REC' button.
# When done press the stop button on the top of the recorder.
Note: Using Preset 3 a 512mb flash card will record for 1 hour and 36 minutes and a 1gb flash card will record for 3 hours and 13 minutes.


# Now that you've recorded something lets listen to it. Hit the 'STOP' button to make sure everything is off.
# Then turn the speaker volume back up. This is located on the left side (if the recorder is facing you) and is labeled 'HP/SPK VOL'.
# Select the track number you want to listen to. You can do this by pressing the left or right 'TRACK JUMP' buttons until you find the number you want.
# Now press the 'PLAY/PAUSE' button and the recorder will play back the track selected.
Note: For both recording and playback the recorder can run on battery power. If outlet power is available that is best.

**Connecting to you computer:**

# Turn off the recorder and make sure it is plugged into outlet power.
# Plug the grey USB cable into a USB port on your computer and plug the smaller end into the recorder where it is labeled 'USB'.
# While pressing the 'COPY/USB' button, turn the power on once the display shows USB you can let go of the 'COPY/USB' button.
# You can then open the folder and copy individual files to your computer.

**Deleting Files:**

# To delete a file first change to edit mode by pressing and holding “SHIFT” and simultaneously pressing “EDIT”.
# Use the “TRACK JUMP” keys to select “Trk Erase” and press “ENTER”
# Use the “TRACK JUMP” keys to select the track number to delete and press “ENTER” to delete it.
# When done press “CANCEL” to exit.