Clone of Colloquium Fall 2019

Linguistics Colloquium 

Schedule -- Fall 2019

Colloquia will be held in Comm 311 from 3-4:30.

Aug 30, 2-3 pm <-------------------------NOTE! Special time.
Kazuhiko Fukushima, Kansai Gaidai University, Japan
Title: East Asian Relatives Revisited Yet Again: New Syntactic and Semantic Perspectives Based on Japanese
Sept 13
Martin Monti, UCLA Department of Psychology, Brain Injury Research Center
Title: The role of language in structure-dependent cognition
Abstract: Does language make us smart? A founding intuition of the modern study of language as a mental phenomenon, is the idea that despite language typically manifesting as a linear, time-dependent, sequence, in our mind we spontaneously build a rich abstract hierarchical representation of how each discrete element within the sequence relates to every other element. Whether the neurocognitive mechanisms that underlie this ability also enable, support, or scaffold our ability to recognize and produce syntax-like structures in other domains of human cognition, such as logic reasoning, algebraic cognition, and music cognition, has a long history of being debated in philosophy, linguistics, psychology, and, more recently, neurosciences. In this presentation I will focus on a cognitive neuroscience approach to addressing this question. In particular I will focus on behavioral, neuroimaging, and neurostimulatory work addressing this question in the context of deductive reasoning, algebraic reasoning, and production and processing of music sequences.
Sept 20
Alexis Wellwood, University of Southern California
Title: Meaning more
Investigations into the morphology, syntax, and semantics of comparative constructions intersect with big topics in formal semantics, linguistic theory, and cognitive development. In this talk, I propose a path through what is known about the structure, meaning, and understanding of *more* that suggests a scientific, compositional semantic theory constrained by independent theories of morphosyntax and cognitive psychology.
Oct 18
Stefan Moal, Université Rennes 2, France
Title: TBA
Nov 8
Andrew McKenzie, University of Kansas
Title: TBA

Nov 15
Rosa Vallejos, University of New Mexico
Title: TBA

Nov 22
Daniel Harbour, Queen Mary University of London, UK
Title: The Permeability Problem