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Department of Linguistics Departmental-level Human Subjects

This website contains information on how to get permission to do Human Subjects research.  It is aimed at members of the Linguistics Department at the University of Arizona.  Others are welcome to read the information on this page, but many of the suggestions on this page may not apply to other departments, other types of research, or other universities. The current departmental IRB committee is Janet Nicol, Masha Fedzechkina and Diana Archangeli.


Please refer to the department guidelines document in order to fill out your Application for Human Research and other forms.

Required checklist

Please download this checklist, and include it as a Word document with your IRB materials when you submit a new application to the department IRB committee.

Sample approved past projects

"The following are projects that were submitted from our department and have been approved.  These projects were approved using old, out date forms, so in writing your own Application for Human Research form you will need to make sure you follow the department guidelines for the current forms."

Title Methods Location Population Other characteristics
Association of Familial Handedness

EEG, perception, questionnaires

UA on campus

UA students (psych pool)

Potentially sensitive info in questionnaires



Psycholing button press task

UA on campus

UA students (Psych pool)

Musical grammaticality

EEG, questionnaires

UA on campus

UA students (Psych pool)

Potentially sensitive info in questionnaires

Spanish Socio

Audio recording (wordlists and conversations), syntactic elicitation

Tucson, Phoenix, and New York, homes or public locations

native Spanish speakers

Research questions include several subfields of ling (socioling., syntax, others)

Burmese and perfect pitch Audio recording (wordlists and singing) UA campus lab, homes in Phoenix Burmese native speakers, UA students (Ling courses)

2 populations, different recruitment methods and experimental methods

Learnability of Root-and-Pattern Morphology similar to a wug test UA lab and foreign university English speakers, native Arabic speakers, native Maltese speakers, advanced Arabic learners  
Collaborative Research: Attrition in complex prosodic systems: tone and stress in Uspanteko (USP, Mayan) Fieldwork-based phonetics / phonology and documentation UA lab and foreign field-sites Uspanteko speakers  
Language Use Among Burmese Refugees Fieldwork-based phonetics documentation, aerodynamics, participant-observation, interviews, audio and video recording Indiana, public locations, community center (with site authorization) Burmese refugees, bilingual (Chin-English) speakers, minors (ages 14-17), minors (ages 7-13), adults