Douglass Phonetics Labratory Facilities

v     dpl1.jpgPerception experiment facilities.  The lab shares facilities for perception experiments with the SPAM Lab, allowing both labs to run multiple subjects concurrently.  The labs have a total of three double-walled sound protected booths (from Whisper Room).  These can be used either for recording or for running perception experiments.  The lab also has the E-Prime software and DMDX for experiment presentation and response collection.



v     dpl2.jpgSpeech analysis software.  The lab has Praat, XWaves, PitchWorks, and MacQuirer, and several computers for speech analysis.

v     Recording equipment.  The main recording setup of the lab uses an Alesis ML9600 Masterlink CD recorder.  A portable DAT recorder is available for fieldwork.

v     Air flow and pressure measurement.  The lab has two sets of equipment for recording oral and nasal airflow and oral air pressure, as well as calibration equipment, from SciCon.  The older setup is pictured; the newer setup is also portable for fieldwork use.


v     dpl3.jpgPalatographyThe lab has equipment for static palatography. 

v     EGG.  The lab has an electroglottograph from Glottal Enterprises.

v     Speech synthesis and recognition.  The lab has the Synthworks software for research on parametric synthesis, as well as several commercial synthesis and recognition programs for use in teaching and research in speech technology.