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HLT Internships

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Katie Banks

Internship: IBM

Job Placement: Software Engineer at IBM

Graduated: Fall 2012


Jeff Berry

Internship: Air Force Research Laboratory

Job Placement: Postdoc at the Italian Institute of Technology

Graduated: May 2012


Dan Brenner

Internship: Research Fellow at The Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Job Placement: Postdoc at University of Alberta, Edmonton, in Canada

Graduated: Summer 2011


Michael Capizzi

HLT Internship Report: PitchVantage; Speech Content Analysis

Job Placement: NLP Engineer at Nextiva

Graduated: Spring 2016


Andréa Davis

Internship: Long Now Foundation

Job Placement: Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford University

Graduated: Fall 2012 with MS Human Language Technology and Spring 2015 with PhD in Linguistics


Raymond Daniels

Internship: ULTRA Syntax Research Group

Job Placement:

Graduated: Spring 2016


Mary Dungan Freiman

Internship: Air Force Research Laboratory

Job Placement: Research Scientist, Lumir Research Institute

Graduated: December 2008


Emma Ehrhardt

Internship: Center for the Management of Information (CMI) at The University of Arizona

Job Placement: Interactive Intelligence, Indianapolis IN

Graduated: May 2012


Jason Ginsburg

Internship: University of Arizona, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Asymmetric Threat Response and Analysis Program

Job Placement: Associate Professor, Osaka Kyoiku University, Japan

Graduated: August 2009


Josh Harrison

Internship: Rosetta Stone, Labs Department in Boulder Colorado.

Job Placement: Natural Language Processing Scientist with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Graduated: December 2008


Kristen Howe

Internship: 3M Building & Commercial Services Division

Job Placement: Computational Linguist at Lionbridge

Graduated: May 2014


Meng Jia

Internship: Speaktoit Inc.

Job Placement: MS student in Computer Science at University of Western Ontario

Graduated: Spring 2016


Heather Lent

Internship: Ewha Womans University

Graduated: Spring 2016


Kya Miller

Internship: Scholarship Universe

Job Placement: Computational Linguist at LexisNexis

Graduated: Spring 2016


Ellyn Oliver

Internship: eMegaBook

Graduated: Spring 2016


Zechy Wong

Internship: Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore

Graduated: Spring 2016 with MS Human Language Technology; current PhD student in Linguistics


Brent Ramerth

Internship: Apple

Job Placement: Apple

Graduated: December 2008


Jessamyn Schertz

Internship: University of Arizona School of Natural Resources and the School of Law

Job Placement: Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Toronto

Graduated: Spring 2013 with MS Human Language Technology and Summer 2014 with PhD in Linguistics


Michael Tremel

Internship: University of Arizona School of Natural Resources and the Environment

Job placement: Intel Corporation

Graduated: Fall 2014


Nicholas Walker

Internship: Lionbridge

Job Placement: Computational Linguist at Lionbridge

Graduated: Spring 2016


Dainon Woudstra

Internship: Air Force Research Laboratory

Job Placement: Lead Speech Technologist, L3-Communications, Link Simulation and Training, AirForce Research Laboratory.

Graduated: December 2008


Anthi Zafeiri

Internship: QUALIA Technologies of Understanding

Job Placement: Editor in publishing company, Athens, Greece

Graduated: May 2010