LexTALE instruction

How to use LexTALE


LexTALE is a brief lexical decision test which can be used to measure English proficiency of non-native speakers. All booth computers have LexTALE programs. 

LexTALE can be downloaded from here: www.lextale.com


LexTALE script is slightly modified to change the formant of the experiment. Followings are different from the original version of LexTALE:

- Add subject name into the result file (modified "lextale.praat").

- Add "Experiment finished" message when the experiment ends (modified "lextale.txt"). 



Followings are the instruction to use LexTALE (from README_en.txt, downloaded from www.lextale.com).

- Open Praat (you need the version of July 2011 or newer; download from http://www.fon.hum.uva.nl/praat/).

- LexTALE scripts are normally located under "Desktop → Pre-Test → LexTALE_Praat_en"

- Go to "Read -> Read from file" and select "lextale.txt" (Experiment MFC style).

- In the "Objects" list, select "ExperimentMFC lextale" and click "Run" on the right side.

- The experiment will start, subjects use the mouse or the "n" (no) and "y" (yes) buttons on the keyboard to respond. 

- When the experiment is finished, there will be a message "Experiment finished" (Some computers will show a grey screen). Close it.

- Go to "Praat → Open Praat script" and select "lextale.praat"

- Make sure you have selected "ExperimentMFC lextale" in Praat window, and run the Praat script (press ctrl+R or click Run -> run).

- Check followings:

  • Subject number and language condition: Assign subject number and language condition. Or, you can just assign only subject number. What you write will be shown in the result file. 
  • Where do you want to save the result: Assign the name and extension of your result file. The format of the result file is TSV, tab-seperated-values.
  • Save files into this directory: You can choose where to save your result file. It should be end with "\" (ex. "D:\" to save your result file under D drive). If you want to save your result file into the same directory where LexTALE exists, just type ".\". 

- Press "OK"

- A window should appear with the score in %correctav, ((number of words correct/40*100) + (number of nonwords correct/20*100)) / 2

- A result will be saved in the file you previously assigned.  



Lemhöfer, K. & Broersma, M. 2012. Introducing LexTALE: A quick and valid Lexical Test for Advanced Learners of English. Behavior Research Methods 44(2): 325-343