HLT AMP Admissions

Students may apply to the Human Language Technology Accelerated MS program (HLT AMP) after completion of a minimum of 75 eligible undergraduate credit hours, and can enter the program after completion of a minimum of 90 eligible undergraduate credit hours. Applicants must have substantially completed their general education requirements, and expect to complete their undergraduate degree in 4 years. The minimum GPA at the time of admission and entry to the program is 3.3.

Demonstration of maturity is necessary for success in a highly competitive, accelerated master’s program.

All students are expected to complete the undergraduate degree within four years. The undergraduate degree requirements must be completed before the student is eligible to have the Master’s degree awarded.

Students applying to the Accelerated Master of Science in Human Language Technology follow the regular graduate application process with the following exceptions: 1) in the statement of purpose, the student should indicate why they are interested in the accelerated program specifically, and 2) the student does not need to submit University of Arizona transcripts or take the GRE. In addition to the regular criteria, the admissions committee will evaluate whether the applicant has demonstrated the maturity necessary for success in an accelerated, highly competitive program. The deadline for both domestic and international applicants is December 15 for admission the following fall semester.

Applicants to the AMP in HLT must submit the University of Arizona Graduate College application and meet the admission requirements to the Accelerated Master’s Program: http://catalog.arizona.edu/2013-14/policies/amp.htm


To make sure you qualify for the Accelerated Master of Science Program, please contact Dr. Sandiway Fong, Dr. Diane Ohala, Dr. Mike Hammond, or Joshua Carlin prior to applying to the program.

To apply for the HLT Accerlerated MS Program please click here.