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Miguel Acosta's picture
Miguel Acosta
Email: mracosta@email.arizona.edu
First Year MA Student, Native American Languages and Linguistics
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Mohammed Al-Sammak's picture
Mohammed Al-Sammak
Email: sammak@email.arizona.edu
4th Year PhD Student. Arabic syntax. I work mostly on unaccusative and unergative verbs in Arabic and how cognate objects interact with them. For my minor in Language, Reading and Culture, I work on social justice in education.
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Maria Alexeeva's picture
Maria Alexeeva
RA in the School of Information
Email: alexeeva@email.arizona.edu
PhD student (2019-...) with interest in NLP
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Mohammed Alshakhori's picture
Mohammed Alshakhori
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Othman Alshehri's picture
Othman Alshehri
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Stephanie Amado's picture
Stephanie Amado
Program Coordinator
Email: samado@email.arizona.edu
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Skye Anderson's picture
Skye Anderson
Research Assistant
Email: skanderson@email.arizona.edu
Office: Douglass 318B
Skye Anderson is PhD student in Linguistics. She works on phonology and speech processing. 
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Diana Archangeli's picture
Diana Archangeli
Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Email: dba@email.arizona.edu
TEL: (520) 621-2184
Office: Douglass 228
Archangeli’s research explores both the fundamental concepts of how phonological systems are organized and the concrete ways in which sounds are used and produced in language. Her conceptual research, Emergent Phonology (or Minimalist Phonology), asks the question of how much does phonological...
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Ibrahim Ahmed Asiri's picture
Ibrahim Ahmed Asiri
Email: ibrahimasiri@email.arizona.edu
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Robert Autry's picture
Robert Autry
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Andy Barss's picture
Andy Barss
Associate Professor, Emeritus
Email: barss@email.arizona.edu
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Thomas G. Bever's picture
Thomas G. Bever
Regents' Professor
Email: tgb@email.arizona.edu
I regularly work with undergraduates and graduate students in Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition and Teaching, Psychology, Neuroscience and Education, always on topics of interest to them, eventually of interest to me. My own research and teaching is inclues the current revival of “...
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Mosiah Bluecloud's picture
Mosiah Bluecloud
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Rachel Brown's picture
Rachel Brown
Doctoral Student in Linguistics and Cognitive Science
Email: rachelbrown@email.arizona.edu
Doctoral Student interested in psycholinguistics, cognitive science, neurolinguistics, language development, and native american linguistics
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Andrew Carnie's picture
Andrew Carnie
Vice Provost for Graduate Education, Dean of the Graduate College and Professor in Linguistics
Email: carnie@email.arizona.edu
TEL: (520) 621-2802
Office: Comm 302
I am a Professor of Linguistics in the Department of Linguistics and have appointments in the Cognitive Science Program, the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching and the Joint Program in Linguistics and Anthropology.  My research revolves around various...
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Lisa Casarez's picture
Lisa Casarez
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Andrew Charles's picture
Andrew Charles
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Timothy Chartier's picture
Timothy Chartier
Email: tchartier@email.arizona.edu
TEL: (850)485-0648
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Noam Chomsky's picture
Noam Chomsky
Laureate Professor of Linguistics, Agnese Nelms Haury Chair
Email: noamchomsky@email.arizona.edu
Considered the founder of modern linguistics, Noam Chomsky is one of the most cited scholars in modern history. Among his groundbreaking books are “Syntactic Structures”, “Language and Mind,” “Aspects of the Theory of Syntax,” and “The Minimalist Program,” each of which has made distinct...
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Rebecca Cordes's picture
Rebecca Cordes
First Year HLT student
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William M. Cotter's picture
William M. Cotter
Email: williamcotter@email.arizona.edu
I am a doctoral candidate in the joint PhD program in Anthropology & Linguistics. Prior to joining the Department of Linguistics and School of Anthropology, I completed a Master’s of Arts in Sociolinguistics of the Arab World at the University of Essex. As part of my work, I have conducted...
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Riah Coulter's picture
Riah Coulter
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John Culnan's picture
John Culnan
Email: jmculnan@email.arizona.edu
I started work on my PhD in 2016 after completing an MA in Linguistics at the University of Hong Kong. I am interested in phonetics and experimental phonology, as well as automatic speech recognition and computational linguistics. I am currently working on research involving the production and...
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Gabriela De la Cruz Sánchez's picture
Gabriela De la Cruz Sánchez
I started the PhD in Lingusitics in 2019. 
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Wilson de Lima Silva's picture
Wilson de Lima Silva
Assistant Professor
Email: wdelimasilva@email.arizona.edu
I'm an Assistant Professor in the Department of Linguistics. I direct the M.A. Program in Native American Languages & Linguistics (also known as NAMA). I'm a field linguist with formal training in theoretical linguistics and language documentation & revitalization. I conduct research in the...
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Richard A. Demers's picture
Richard A. Demers
Distinguished Professor, Emeritus
Email: demers@email.arizona.edu
Dr. Demers has always had a special interest in natural science, and his interest in linguistics is a special case of this interest. His undergraduate degree is in physics and he has continued to follow developments in all of the sciences by undertaking broad readings. Within the field of...
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stanley donahoo's picture
stanley donahoo
Email: stanleydonahoo@email.arizona.edu
PhD Candidate--research interests in psycho- and neurolinguistics, as well as experimental pragmatics.
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Joseph Dupris's picture
Joseph Dupris
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Email: jdupris@email.arizona.edu
waq lis ?aad! gew ?a seesas Joe Dupris. ni ?a mbosaksaawaskni gi. ewksiknii coy moatt'akkni coy Big Pine Paiute coy Mnicoujou Lakota ?an gi. pk'isap gew Kathy Hill. ptisap gew Joseph Dupris. pq'olip gew Margaret 'Janie' Haddock. pk'aasip gew Gerald 'Pat' Hill. pt'eewip gew Mona Gray, bloksip gew...
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Masha Fedzechkina's picture
Masha Fedzechkina
Assistant Professor
Email: mfedzech@email.arizona.edu
Office: Communication 114E
I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Linguistics. My research focuses on the intersection of language acquisition, psycholinguistics, and linguistic typology, seeking to understand the nature of individual-level constraints on language use and acquisition and their impact on language...
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Naatosi Fish's picture
Naatosi Fish
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