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Spring 2020

Mohammed Khan

Middle Eastern & North African Studies

Roya Kabiri



Spring 2019

Fazeh Faezipour

History of Art


Spring 2018

Aleyh Mehin Jafarabadi

Middle Eastern & African Studies


Spring 2017

Parvaneh Hosseini

Middle Eastern & North African Studies

Roya Kabiri


Fatemeh Sharafzadeh

School of Architecture


Spring 2016

Mohsen Mahdavi


Poetic meters in Persian

Ryan Walter Smith and Rana Nabors


"Second position Clitics in the Gramer of Northwestern Iranian Languages"


Spring 2015

Shaghayegh Ansari
Adapting Climate Responsive Strategies from Vernacular Iranian Garden to Modern Building Development

Seyede Pouye Khoshkhoosani
Middle Eastern and Northern African Studies
Amorous Depiction of Love: Gender, Religion and Power in Classical Persian Poetry


Spring 2014

Ana Ghoreishian
Gender and Sexuality in Yusuf and Zulaykha: A comparison of Persian and Ottoman versions in the context of Turkey and Iran


Spring 2013

Felisa Hervey
Middle Eastern and North African Studies
A Study of Nadia Anjuman’s Life and Poetry

Rana Nabors
Aspects of Persian Syntax


Spring 2012

Kian Alavy
Middle Eastern and North African Studies
The role of formal language instruction in fashioning Iranian national identity during the 1940's

Jovan Erfan
Fine Arts
Ashura, Heech, Parakandegy (Dispersal) and Displacement

Isra Yaghoubi
Middle Eastern and North African Studies
Masterful Culture Bearers? Iranian Jews in the Production of Traditional Persian Music: A Case Study in the U.S.


Spring 2011

Julie Ellison
Near Eastern Studies
Sediqeh Dowlatabadi & the easry 20th Century Iranian Women's Movement

Farrah Jafari
Near Eastern Studies
Gender Dichotomy and Transexuality in Iran

Deniz Tat
Complex Predicates in Turkic Languages