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Resources for People Interested in Festival Outreach

How-to Videos

Syntactic Ambiguity Activity: Learn how to do our activity on syntactic ambiguity.

Speech Analysis Activity: Learn how to do our activity on speech analysis.


Language Maps

Langscape: Interactive language map with additional resources (University of Maryland)

Ethnologue: Languages of the world map

Modern Language Association: Languages of the United States map


Audio files of languages and accents

Omniglot: Audio files of phrases in many languages and examples of different writing scripts

Speech Accent Archive: Audio files of different accents of English


Phonetics resources

PRAAT: Free software for analyzing speech

Interactive chart of the International Phonetic Alphabet

Interactive vocal tract (University of Iowa)


Favorite videos

Vocal cords of four singers

MRI scan of a beatboxer

MRI scan of an opera singer

Xhosa tongue twister


Literature on Scientific Outreach   

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