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Dr. Malakeh Taleghani Endowed Undergraduate and Graduate Fellowship in Iranian Studies


Dr. Malakeh Taleghani Endowed Undergraduate and Graduate Fellowships in Iranian Studies 2023

The Taleghani Endowment committee is soliciting applications for the Taleghani Endowed Undergraduate and Graduate Fellowships.

The applicant must be a University of Arizona undergraduate or graduate student at the time of proposal submission, working on some aspect of Iranian studies, including Iranian linguistics, Persian Literature, Iranian/Persianate History, Geography, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science or other concepts, broadly conceived. Creative projects in Persian music, architecture, or arts are also eligible for funding. The committee welcomes comparative proposals that explore connections with non-Iranian/Persianate languages, linguistics, histories and cultures.

Applications will be evaluated based on the research/project proposal and the applicant’s academic standing and scholarly potential. Taleghani Fellowship Award amount: up to $2,500. Please note that the Fellowship Award can ONLY support research/project related expenses.

The Taleghani Endowment committee is committed to encouraging undergraduate and graduate students, especially first-time proposal writers. Therefore, we have established a proposal refinement phase. This means that the committee will review the applications, provide comments, and, in appropriate circumstances, may provide an opportunity for the applicant to revise the proposal and return it to the committee.


Application packets must include:

  1. Check list
  2. CV (resume)
  3. Research/Project Description (3 pages (max) for graduates and 2 pages (max) for undergraduates. (For details, please see
  4. Budget proposal and justification (1 page)
  5. Letter from Advisor (letter should address the likelihood of student’s research/project completion), should be sent directly to the address below by the advisor, and must be received by the deadline.

For additional information, see:

Fellowship winner(s) will receive the award at a (perhaps virtual) ceremony in April 2022. Please ensure that all Taleghani Application materials (PDF format) are submitted to by February 1, 2022. Late application packets including support letter or incomplete application packets will NOT be considered. For more information, contact: Joshua Carlin University of Arizona Department of Linguistics.