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Meet your Mentoring and Advising Crew!

The Department of Linguistics is happy to answer your questions about the linguistics degree, our program, your course choices, and your career, among others. We have an excellent mentoring and advising structure that we hope you will take advantage of while you're here. It's always best to contact your professional academic advisor, Allison Ewing-Cooper, first. She'll help you negotiate all the university and college requirements that pertain to the linguistics major, among many other things, throughout your undergraduate years (please scroll down for Allison's bio!).

In addition, for questions that require knowledge of the field (elective courses that fit your interests, planning for a career or graduate school in linguistics, how to get involved, etc.), please come and talk to us as well. We have the insider's know-how that can best position you to achieve your goals in the most effective and comprehensive way possible. Your pathway to success will be enhanced if you check in with Allison and the rest of us at least once a year (once a semester is even better!).

Dr. Diane Ohala (Director of Undergraduate Studies)

I’ve been the Director of Undergraduate Studies in linguistics for nearly two decades and it's one of the aspects of my job that I love best. Talking with all of you, helping you map out your courses, learning about your interests, and helping you choose the right career path is extremely rewarding. Please come talk with me whenever you have questions; I look forward to answering them. I'm also the Honors Advisor for Linguistics, so you are welcome to direct any questions about receiving honors in linguistics to me as well.

My professional interests are in language acquisition and phonology, so the courses I teach at the undergraduate level are on those topics (very often Ling 341, Ling 432, Ling 314, Ling 315, and sometimes Ling 201). On the personal side, I'm from Massachusetts originally but have lived longer in Tucson now.  For fun, I love to read mysteries, do jigsaw and crossword puzzles, make cards, and spend time near the beach and in the snow.

Jaycie Martin (Graduate Student Mentor)

I'm a first year PhD student in Linguistics. I also completed my undergraduate degree in Linguistics here at the University of Arizona, and I just returned to the desert after several years in Chicago. My academic interests include phonology, psycholinguistics, and acquisition. I'm particularly interested in how language is stored and processed in the brain when more than one language is involved. Other things that make me happy are practicing yoga, hiking, going to concerts, and crossword puzzling.

Dr. Allison Ewing-Cooper (Academic Advising Coordinator)

Hello!  I am the Academic Advising Coordinator for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences; I love my job because I get to work with so many students to help them achieve their goals and graduate.  Originally from San Diego, I am a Wildcat for Life.  I graduated from the U of A in 2006 with my M.S. and 2009 with my PhD in Family Studies and Human Development.  When not working, I love to spend time with my husband (a 3-time U of A grad) and cats, play board games, and travel to new places.  Bear down!


We look forward to getting to know you, too!