Undergraduate Internships

In addition to numerous independent study/directed research opportunities, the department also collaborates with several on-campus and local institutions to provide internships for undergraduates in linguistics. Application for these internships is coordinated with the program or institution in question, which are typically announced via the departmental undergraduate listserv (underling).

Interested students should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Diane Ohala, for more information.

Internship Locations

University of Arizona Press

Elly Matthias

Over the 2013-2014 academic year, I was fortunate to complete both the Acquiring and Marketing internships with the University of Arizona Press. The UA Press publishes academic books from multiple disciplines, including linguistics, and is a really amazing way to combine a linguistics background with a love for writing.

For the Acquiring internship, I got to work on documents included in the decision to publish new books. Throughout the Marketing internship in the spring, I got to work with many of the same titles, seeing the publishing process as a whole. As linguistics majors, we study the structure and effects of language. For me, interning for the UA Press was a fantastic way to learn how these linguistic studies can apply to a real business setting, while getting to know a really excellent publishing company.