• Students presenting their work at a Linguistics Undergraduate Research Forum

  • Dr. Gustave Hahn-Powell introduces an interested undergraduate to linguistics at the Meet Your Major Fair

  • Dr. Jae-Hyun Sung demonstrating linguistic applications of ultrasound at the annual Meet Your Major Fair, courtesy of Dr. Diana Archangeli's Arizona Phonological Imaging Lab (APIL)

  • Linguistics Undergraduate alum Andrea Morales demonstrating the nasal airflow apparatus in Dr. Natasha Warner's Douglass Phonetics Lab

  • Undergraduate independent study students hard at work in Dr. Adam Ussishkin and Dr. Andy Wedel's PsyCoL Lab

  • Crystal Navarrete, a graduate of the Linguistics Department at commencement

Undergraduate Program

An Exceptional Linguistics Bachelor of Arts Degree!

The Department of Linguistics at the University of Arizona offers a comprehensive, yet flexible undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree! The degree is a combination of core and elective courses that provides students the necessary breadth and depth in the discipline. Our curriculum offers students the opportunity both to explore, through elective courses, a wide variety of subdisciplines, as well as to specialize in those areas of particular interest. The resulting degree is the product of a highly personalized academic path that guides students to a fulfilling and exciting career. For even more persuasive reasons to major in linguistics click here!

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