Gabriela De la Cruz-Sánchez

About Gabriela De la Cruz-Sánchez

I started the PhD in Lingusitics in 2019. 

Research Interests

Language documentation and revitalization. Languages in contact and historical linguistics. 

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Contact Information

Gabriela De la Cruz-Sánchez


I have a MA in Applied Linguistics and a B.A in Languages with a major in teaching. 

Courses Taught

NSCS320 Issues & Themes in Cognitive Science (Teaching Assistant) Fall 2019

Ling 150 Language in the world (Teaching Assistant) Spring 2020

Ling 315 Introduction to Phonology (Teaching Assistant) Spring 2020

Ling 341 Language Development (Online instructor) Fall 2020

Ling 364 Formal Semantics (Online instructor) Spring 2021