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About Joey Balke

Hi!  My name is Joey and I am a PhD student from the north shore of Chicago.  After finishing my undergrad at University of Toronto in 2021, I began work at UofA in August of 2022.  I really look forward to being a good researcher, teacher, and member of the UofA linguistics community.  Don't be afraid to email me about anything :).

Research Interests

I am primarily interested in the documentation of semantic processes in the world’s languages and the cross-linguistic variation of evidentiality, epistemic modality, conditionals, questions, attitude predicates, domain semantics, imperatives, and embedding restrictions.  I am also interested in documentation methods, especially the use of quantitative statistics in linguistics fieldwork, formal syntactic and semantic theory, linguistics pedagogy and ideology, speech pathology, language acquisition, community empowerment, disorders of language, and diversifying linguistics.

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Contact Information

Joey Balke


Honours Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics - University of Toronto (2021)

PhD in Linguistics - University of Arizona (Prospective)