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About John Powell

John W. W. Powell is a PhD student of Linguistics at the University of Arizona. His research interest are in historical linguistics, morphosyntax, language documentation and revitalization, and linguistic geography. He collaborates with the Piipaash (Maricopa) community.


• Piipaash Community-based Collaboration with Salt River Pima - Maricopa Indian Community, 2016 to Present
• Research Assistent — PI: Robert Henderson and Heidi Harley: Compositional Morphosemantics of Plurality (NSF), Fall 2020 to Spring 2021
• Research Assistent — PI: Simin Karimi: Documentation and comparative grammatical analysis of aspects of five Iranian languages (NSF), Summer through Spring 2020

Research Interests

• Historical linguistics
• Morphosyntax
• Language documentation and revitalization
• Linguistic geography

Language Families

• Yuman
• Iranian
• Western Romance
• Celtic

Selected Publications

Maps & Geodatabase Projects

Powell, J.; Stone, A.; Anonby, E.; Lubera, A.; Ngui, J. G.& Karimi, S. (2021). Linguistic Features of Five Iranian Languages [ArcGIS Online Map Application]. apps/instant/sidebar/index.html?appid=e6de6a5a44ff41c29f1d81e08fd1415d

Proceedings Editor

Nitschke, R.; Romero Diaz, D. Y.; De La Cruz Sánchez, G.; Powell, J.; Mihajlović, K.; Irizarry- Figueroa, L. A.; Pescaru, G. M.; Hafner, F. (Eds.). (2021). Coyote Papers 23: Proceedings of the Arizona Linguistics Circle 14.
Nitschke, R.; Romero Diaz, D. Y.; De La Cruz Sánchez, G.; Powell, J. (Eds.). (2020). Coyote Papers 22: Proceedings of the Arizona Linguistics Circle 13. volume-22-2020

Book Reviews

Powell, J. W. W. (2019). [Review of Defying Maliseet Language Death: Emergent Vitalities of Language, Culture, & Identity in Eastern Canada, by Bernard C. Perley]. International Journal of American Linguistics, 85(3), 449-451.

Powell, J. W. W. (8 February, 2019). [Review of Word Hunters, by H. Sarvasy & D. Forker (Eds)]. LINGUIST List, 30(631), 168-70.

Powell, J. W. W. (2019). [Review of An 1860 English-Hopi Vocabulary Written in the Deseret Alphabet, by K. L. Beesley & D. Elzinga]. International Journal of American Linguistics, 85(1), 168-70.

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Contact Information

John Powell
Graduate Associate, University Fellow


MA, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Arizona State University, 2018.
BA, English (Literature), French minor, Arizona State University, 2010
AA, Mesa Community College, 2006.

Courses Taught

• Summer, 2022: LING 320 — Languages and Social Issues (online)
• Summer, 2020: LING 210 — American Indian Languages (online)
• Spring, 2020: LING 310 — Linguistic Typology (online)
• Fall, 2019: LING 201 — Introduction to Linguistics (in-person)