Kristina Mihajlovic

About Kristina Mihajlovic

I am a 5th year PhD student primarily interested in phonology and phonetics, but also in language change and variation, especially as it relates to South Slavic languages and heritage speakers.

I am also a public K-12 educator with 3.5 years of substitute teaching experience and 4 years of university-level teaching experience, primarily in Statistics and some in Linguistics. I also have nearly one year of teacher-of-record experience in elementary and middle-school settings in Tucson Unified School District. I'm wonderful at connecting with students of all ages, and I excel at the following: elementary levels, middle-school math and science, high school Statistics, and pre-AP Latin.

I am on leave for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Research Interests

phonology, phonetics, language change and variation, language contact, heritage speaker studies, bilingualism, L2+ acquisition, sociolinguistics, language ideologies, language and identity, (South) Slavic and Balkan languages (especially those of former Yugoslavia)

Selected Publications

Mihajlović, K. & Ćavar, M. (2018). Perception of Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian sibilants: Heritage U.S. vs. homeland speakers. A pilot study. In: Denisa Lenertová, RolandMeyer, Radek Šimík & Luka Szucsich (eds.), Advances in formal Slavic linguistics 2016. Berlin: Language Science Press. 

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Contact Information

Kristina Mihajlovic


B.A. Linguistics, Indiana University (2017)

M.A. Linguistics, the University of Arizona (2021)

Courses Taught

Fall 2018-Spring 2021:  SBS 200 Introduction to Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences (instructor, online) - teaching 8th iteration SP 21)

Summer 2019:  LING/PSY 201 Introduction to Linguistics (instructor, online)

Fall 2017-Spring 2018:  SBS 200 Introduction to Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences (TA, in-person)