Lucy Hall Hartley

About Lucy Hall Hartley

PhD Candidate in Linguistics

Research Interests

Adult Language Acquisition, Cross-linguistic Influences, Language Universals, Language Evolution, Miniature Language Learning, Computational Models of Language Learning, Psycholinguistics

Selected Publications

L. Hall Hartley and M. Fedzechkina, "Learners’ bias to balance production effort against message uncertainty is independent of their
native language" in Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, 2020, pp. 2341-2347
Fedzechkina, M., Hall Hartley, L. and Roberts, G. "Social biases can lead to less communicatively efficient languages". Language Acquisition, 2022.
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Contact Information

Lucy Hall Hartley
Office: Douglass 110


B.A. in Neuroscience and French, Vanderbilt University (2017).

M.A. in Linguistics, University of Arizona (2019).

Dissertation Title

Preferences in Miniature Language Learning as Evidence of Biases in Language Use

Courses Taught

Fall 2017 - LING150A Teaching Assistant/Discussion Instructor, LING201 Teaching Assistant

Spring 2018 - LING341 Teaching Assistant, LING440 Teaching Assistant

Summer 2018 - LING341 Stand-alone Online Instructor

Fall 2018 - LING432 Teaching Assistant

Winter 2018 - LING150A Stand-alone Online Instructor

Spring 2019 - LING341 Stand-alone Online Instructor

Fall 2019 - LING123 Teaching Assistant

Winter 2019 - LING341 Stand-alone Online Instructor

Spring 2020 - LING123 Teaching Assistant

Summer 2020 - LING432 Stand-alone Online Instructor

Fall 2020 - LING211 Teaching Assistant

Spring 2021 - LING322 Stand-alone Online Instructor

Summer 2021 - LING123 Stand-alone Online Instructor

Summer 2022 - LING201 Stand-alone Online Instructor

Fall 2022 - LING315 Stand-alone Instructor