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Meg Harvey

About Meg Harvey

I'm a fourth year PhD student focusing on language revitalization and morphology. Currently I work on the Hiaki Language Research and Documentation Project (http://arizonahiaki.org/about/), the Tunica Language Project (http://tunica.wp.tulane.edu/), and as a research assistant studying Uspanteko (panteko.us) .I also organize the Language Documentation and Fieldwork Reading Group. I strive to combine community and theoretical goals in my work.

Students interested in coming to the U of A please feel free to contact me at mharvey3@email.arizona.edu! I know how daunting applications can be and I'm more than happy to answer any questions I can about our department.

Research Interests

Language documentation, maintenance, and revitalization (especially creating projects that simultaneously feed into documentation, revitalization, and linguistic analysis)

Deixis in narratives

K'ichean languages

Mayan Linguistics

Video games and language acquisition

Native American languages and linguistics


Uto-Aztecan Languages

Meg Harvey's picture

Contact Information


2017 MA Linguistics Tulane University

2016 BA Anthropology, Linguistics, French Tulane University


Courses Taught

Stand-alone Instructor:

LING/-PSY 201 (Intro to Linguistics, Online) -- Spring 2020, Summer Session 1 2020


LING 150C (Language in the Digital Age)     -- Fall 2019

LING/PSY 201 (Intro to Linguistics, Online)  -- Fall 2018

LING/PSY 201 Honors (Intro to Linguistics) -- Fall 2018

LING 314 (Intro to Phonetics)                       -- Spring 2018

LING 150A (Languages of the World)          -- Fall 2017


GER 150B1 “Becoming Transcultural: Maximizing Study Abroad" -- Fall 2019

LING 341 Intro to Language Development, Online -- Spring 2018