Meg Harvey

About Meg Harvey

I'm a  third year PhD student focusing on language revitalization and morphology.  Currently I work on the Hiaki Language Research and Documentation Project (, the Tunica Language Project (, and as a research assistant studying Uspanteko ( . I strive to combine community and theoretical goals in my work.


Students interested in coming to the U of A please feel free to contact me at! I know how daunting applications can be and I'm more than happy to answer any questions I can about our department.

Research Interests

Language documentation, maintenance, and revitalization

K'ichean languages

Mayan Linguistics

Video games and language acquisition

Native American languages and linguistics


Uto-Aztecan Languages

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Contact Information

Meg Harvey
3rd Year PhD Student


 MA Linguistics Tulane University

BA Anthropology, Linguistics, French Tulane University