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Mohsen Mahdavi Mazdeh

About Mohsen Mahdavi Mazdeh

I'm a PhD candidate in linguistics. My main area of interest is quantitative poetic meters. Currently my focus is on Persian and Arabic, but the ambitious ultimate goal of the project is to provide a theory of quantitative meters that accounts for the meter inventories and poetic licenses of different quantitative traditions (including Sanskrit, Greek, Japanese, etc.) as various realizations of the same set of basic principles. I also work on the phonology and syntax of Iranian languages (particularly Persian, Sorani Kurdush, and Mazandarani), and have been involved in several projects in Computational Linguistics.

I got my BS degree in Software Engineering (Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran), and obtained a Master's degree in Human Language Technology (HLT) from the University of Arizona.


Mahdavi Mazdeh, Mohsen. Quantitative meter in Persian folk songs and pop song lyrics. Proceedings of the first North American Conference on Iranian Linguistics (NACIL1). (to appear in 2018)

• Smith, Ryan Walter, Nabors, Rana, Mahdavi Mazdeh, Mohsen, Karimi, Simin, & Harley, Heidi. Paralellism and specificity in Persian Non-verbal Element Ellipsis. Proceedings of GLOW in Asia XI. MIT Working Papers in Linguistics. (2017) 195-204.

• Vazirnezhad, B., Soltanzadeh, F., Mahdavi Mazdeh, M., & Moradi, M. "Sharif text editor: A Persian editor and spell checker system". Signal and Data Processing. 26 (2015): 43-52.


Conference Presentations:
• “Flexible Long Vowels in Colloquial Modern Persian", The 44th annual meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society (BLS). Berkeley (2018)
“The Quantitative Nature of Meters in Persian Folk Songs and Pop Song Lyrics”, First North American Conference on Iranian Lin- guistics (NACIL1). Stony Brook, NY. (2017)
Smith, Ryan Walter; Nabors, Rana; Mahdavi Mazdeh, Mohsen; Karimi, Simin; Harley, Heidi. “Parallelism and specificity in Persian ellipsis.” First North American Conference on Iranian Lin- guistics (NACIL1). Stony Brook, NY. (2017)
Smith, Ryan Walter, Nabors, Rana, Mahdavi Mazdeh, Mohsen, McKay, Isabel, Karimi, Simin, & Harley, Heidi. “Parallelism and specificity in Persian non-verbal element ellipsis.” GLOW in Asia XI, Singapore (poster). (2016)
“The dual identity of vowel length in Persian” in “one-day workshop on Persian Linguistics”, University of Tehran, Iran (2016)
• "The role of language change in the use of meters in Persian poetry" in 17th Annual Southwest Graduate Conference in Middle Eastern and North African Studies, Tucson, AZ (2016)
• Karimi, Mahdavi, Smith, “A Descriptive and Theoretical Analysis of Complex predicates in Iranian languages : Outline of the project” in “Theoretical linguistics and language resources – The case of Iranian languages”, Paris (2015)
• “Vowel length as an active phonological feature in modern Persian”, in 15th Annual Southwest Graduate Conference in Middle Eastern and North African Studies, Tucson, AZ (2014)
• “UATracker: a tool for ultrasound data management”, in 168th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in Indianapolis, Indiana (2014)
• Archangeli, Mahdavi, et al. "UltraPraat: Software & database for simultaneous acoustic and articulatory analysis", Ultrafest VI (2013)

Past Activity:

ASR Engineer in PitchVantage: Worked as an Automatic Speech Recognition engineer in the company PitchVantage (Tucson, Arizona), working on the improvement of a Kaldi-based ASR system, and on developing a system for automatic punctuatuation of transcribed speech. (2016)
Research Assistant in Arizona Phonological Imaging Lab (APIL): developing tools for managing and integrating Ultrasound images, trace files, and audio annotations, under the supervision of Diana Archangeli (2013-2016) 

PersianDee: Created a website for teaching Persian as a second language for speakers of English. The website covers colloquial as well as formal Persian, and includes extensive grammar lessons, as well as text samples, images, audio, etc.

Persian Blog Recommender: My BS thesis involved using data mining techniques for identifying and classifying a complete list of Persian blogs (more than 680,000) that are interconnected via links in the world wide web.

Hiaki Dictionary Application: A Java-based Hiaki (Yaqui) to English dictionary application with an easy-to-use interface that handles different conjugated forms of Hiaki words. The lexicon is based on a stem-based dictionary of the language.


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