Skye Anderson

About Skye Anderson

Skye Anderson is PhD student in Linguistics. She works on speech processing, focusing on the extent to which abstract representations like syllable structure interact with concrete acoustic representations during online speech segmentation and spoken word recognition. She also works on the morphophonology of Moroccan Arabic.

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Research Interests

Morphophonology, nonconcatenative morphology, computational phonology, stress and prosody, rhythm, speech perception, language acquisition, and Semitic languages. 

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Contact Information

Skye Anderson
Research Assistant
Office: Douglass 318B


MA Linguistics, University of Arizona, 2016
BS Linguistics, Tulane University, 2014

Courses Taught

LING 150A1, Winter 2015-2016, Winter 2016-2017

LING 123, Summer I 2016