Name degree THESIS/Dissertation title
Alshehri, Othman PhD The Morphosyntax and Semantics of Arabic Possession

Name degree THESIS title
Isabel Cooke-McKay PhD Intransitive Transitivity: The Derivation of Syntactically Intransitive Two-Place Predicates in Séliš-Ql̓ispé
Jonathan Geary PhD     The Constraints of Dual Morphological Systems on Visual Word Processing in Maltese
Florian Hafner PhD L1 and L2 Phonological Awareness in Adults
Roya Kabiri PhD Neural Dependency Parsing of Informal Persian
Kerry McCullough PhD The Phonological and Orthographic Consequences of Irish Initial Consonant Mutation
Yiyun Zhao PhD How to Probe Linguistic Knowledge and Bias
Miguel R. Acosta MA Coahuiltecan Language Reclamation Program
Oliver Barraza MA Mʉ̃TẼÃ Documentation Project: Grammatical Lessons for Language Teachers and Students
Hiroaki Takeda MS -
Melanie Louise Gounas MS -
Cheyenne Wing MS -
Peiwen Su MS -
Riah Coulter MS -
Burak Senel MS -
Phil Goddard MS -
Ashley Parker MS -
Hinoki Crum GC -

Name Degree Dissertation Title
Culnan, John PhD Acoustic Analysis and Automatic Classification of Personality and Individual Expression from Speech
Park, Seongjin PhD Human and Machine Judgment of Non-Native Speakers' Speech Proficiency
Donahoo, Stanley PhD Expressives:  At the interface of language and cognition
Joe, Kevan MA Advancing Beyond the Beginner Levels of Navajo Language Study
Ni, Tianyi MA A Sketch Grammar of Siriano: It's Morphology and Phonology
Whitney, Rebecca MA -
Issa, Elsayed MS -


Name Degree Dissertation Title
Brown, Rachel PhD The Comprehension of Ambiguous Multi-Word Phrases With and Without Context
Yu, Jianrong PhD Repetitive and Restitutive Presuppositions and the Semantics of English Verbal Roots
Cotter, William PhD Language, Culture, and Development in Amman, Jordan
Grippando, Shannon PhD

The Ink in Our Speech: Influence from Orthographic Complexity in Speech Production

Smith, Ryan PhD Similative Plurality and the Nature of Alternatives
Patton, Colleen PhD Discursive Construction of Linguistic Value, Speakerhood, and Community in Scottish Gaelic and Breton Language Revitalization
Bluecloud, Mosiah MA Sketch Grammar of The Kickapoo Langauge
Owens, Christian DiRado MA The Creation of the Moon: A Community-based Traditional Story Publication and Pedagogical Reference for the Karapanã Language Community
Wing, Cheyenne MA A Descriptive Grammar of the Tohono O'odham Language
Le Fay, Amaris MS -
Flowers, Colton MS -
Cordes, Rebecca MS -


NAMe Degree Dissertation title
Nabors, Rana PhD A Comprehensive Analysis of Simple Verbs in Persian
Valentinsson, Mary-Caitlyn PhD Language Use and Global Media Circulation among Argentine Fans of English Mass Media
Wong, Zechy PhD A Minimalist Model and Computational Toolkit for Code Switching: English-Chinese Code Switching in Singapore
Mountain, Sara MA -
Autry, Robert MA Manju Tacire: Learning Manchu, an Introduction to the Manchus and their Language
BigKnife, Kaylene MA -
Lyons, Rianne MS -
Alexeeva, Maria MS -
Al-Ghezi, Ragheb MS -


name degree dissertation title
Bell, Dane PhD Detecting Preventable Disease Risk on Social Media
Bell, Elise PhD Perception and Production of Welsh Vowels-Spanish Bilinguals
Cash-Cash, Phil PhD That Which Echoes in Our Words: Contemporary Language Use in the Indigenous Southern Plateau
Chen, Shaio-Hui PhD -
Chen, Yan PhD Inter-Talker Variability and Perception of Phonetically Similar Tones
Chen, Yuan-Lu PhD Improving Neural Net Machine Translation Systems with Linguistic Information
Drake, Shiloh PhD L1 Biases in Learning Root-and-Pattern Morphology
Figueroa, Megan PhD "Who Breaked the Rule?": Rethinking English Past Tense Overregularizations
Hahn-Powell, Gus PhD Machine Reading for Scientific Discovery
Hoffman, Maureen PhD Speaking and Being Chin in America: A Linguistic and Anthropological Look At a Refugee Community from Burma (Myamar)
Khloehn, Nicholas PhD Three Papers on the Internal Properties of Words
Parchment, Jamie PhD A Proposal for a Computational of Phonemic Acquisition
Shin, Priscilla PhD The Semiotics and Social Practices of Constructing a "Proper" Singaporean Identity
Thomas, Patrick PhD A Phonetic Description of the Kawaiisu Language
Alexander, Brittney MA Speaking To The Cherokee Within: An Authoethnography on Language Impact on Identity Discomfort for Cherokees
Anderson, Gregory MS -
Blazic, John MS -
Dukatz, John MS -


name degree dissertation title
Fisher, Julia PhD Investigating Speech Perception With functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Sharp, Rebecca PhD Computational Natural Language Inference: Robust and Interpretable Question Answering
Kalusa, Mary MS -
Mullins, Ben MS -
Muriel, Jorge MS -
Pike, Ammon MS -


Name degree dissertation title
Gonzales, Ana MA -
Capizzi, Michael MS -
Daniels, Raymond MS -
Jia, Meng MS -
Lent, Heather MS -
Miller, Zachiah MS -
Oliver, Ellyn MS -
Walker, Nicholas MS -

Zimmer, Elly

- Now an Associate Director of Foundational Literacy at Reading Reimagined

PhD Children's Awareness of Syntactic Ambiguity


Name degree dissertation title
Brenner, Daniel PhD The Phonetics of Mandarin Tones in Conversation
Davis, Andrea PhD The Interaction of Language Proficiency and Talker Variability in Learning
Sung, Jae-Hyun PhD A Cross-linguistic Articulatory Analysis of Palatalization in Korean, English, and Scottish Gaelic
Trueman, Alexandra PhD Complex Motion Predicates in Hiaki


name degree dissertation title
Choi, Jae-Hoon PhD Pronoun-Noun Constructions and the Syntax of DP
E, Chen-Chun PhD The Syntax of Comparative Correlatives in Mandarin Chinese
Gorrie, Colin PhD Ideal-Typology
Jung, Hyun Kyoung PhD On the Syntax of Applicative and Causative Constructions
Lorenson, Susan Beth PhD Phonemic Awareness and Reading Ability in Literate Adults
Mathieu, Lionel PhD The Influence of Unfamiliar Orthography on L2 Phonolexical Acquisition
Schertz, Jessamyn PhD The Structure and Plasticity of Phonetic Categories Across Languages and Modalities
Huaute, Raymond MA -
Sung, Hyun Suk MA -
Tremel, Michael MS -
Howe, Kristen  MS -


name Degree Thesis title
Butler, Lynnika PhD Prosidically Driven Metathesis in Mutsun
Hawthorne, Kara PhD From Sound to Syntax: The Prosidic Bootstrapping of Clauses
Key, Greggory PhD  The Morphosyntax of the Turkish Causitive Construction
Kidder, Emily PhD Prominence in Yucatec Maya: The Role of Stress in Yucatec Maya Words
Schluter, Kevin PhD Hearing Words Without Structure: Subliminal Speech Priming and the Organization of the Moroccan Arabic Lexicon
Slobodchikoff, Tatyana PhD  The Slavic Dual: Morphosyntactic Feature Economy as a Factor in Language Change
Tat, Deniz PhD Word Syntax of Nominal Compounds: Internal and Aphasiological Evidence from Turkish
Dickinson, Ethan MA -
Tsikewa, Adrienne MA -
Erhardt, Emma MS -


name degree dissertation title
Berry, Jeff PhD Machine Learning Methods for Articulatory Data
Medeiros, David PhD Economy of Command
Punske, Jeff PhD Aspects of the internal structure of nominalization: roots, morphology and derivation
Reed, Sylvia PhD The Semantics of Grammatical Aspect: Evidence from Scottish Gaelic
Hinton, LaToya MA -
Smith, Howard Fitzgerald Swift Hawk MA -


Name degree THESIS title
Butler, Lindsay PhD The Morphosyntax and Processing of Number Marking in Yucatec Maya
Davenport, Amanda PhD The Role of Language-Specific Phonology: Tracking Linguistics Variables in Khalkha Mongolian
LaCross, Amy PhD The Role of Language-Specific Phonology: Tracking Linguistics Variables in Khalkha Mongolian
Fletcher, Ben MA -
Nelson, Ryan MA -
Sanchez, Joe MA -


Name degree THESIS title
Lomashvili, Leila PhD Morphosyntax of Complex Predicates in South Caucasian Languages
Tubino-Blanco, Mercedes PhD Contrasting Caustivies: A Minimalist Approach
Witzel, Jeffrey PhD Backwards and Forwards: Behavioral and neurophysical investigations into dependency processing
Donahoo, Stanley PhD Expressives: At the Interface of Language and Cognition
Geronimo, Ron MA -
Zafeiri, Anthi  MS -