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"Language—in the general, multifaceted sense—embodies the intellectual wealth of the people who use it."

Ken Hale, UA Alumni (from Language endangerment and the human value of linguistic diversity, 1992, Language)

Degree Programs

Ofelia Zepeda Endowment

We call on your support to help students from endangered language groups in the Master of Arts in Native American Languages and Linguistics program break through financial barriers to reclaim their languages, empower their communities, and preserve their culture.

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Rosalia Badhorse posing at graduation with Ofelia Zepeda.

Rosalia Badhorse (Cheyenne) graduated with her masters in linguistics from the NAMA program in Spring 2023.

Language Proficiency Exams

The Linguistics Department offers the Second Language Proficiency Exam for languages not taught on campus, as well as for those taught by The Critical Languages Program. Students can be tested to determine 2nd semester, 4th semester, or native-level proficiency. 

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