Courtesy Faculty

Dalila Ayoun:  Professor, Department of French & Italian

Mahmoud AzazAssociate Professor, School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies

Steven BethardAssociate Professor, School of Information

Ana Maria CarvalhoProfessor, Department of Spanish & Portuguese

Wenhao DiaoAssociate Professor, Department of East Asian Studies

Leah Fabiano-SmithAssociate Professor, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences

Samira FarwanehAssociate Professor, School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies

Kenneth ForsterProfessor Emeritus, Departments of Psychology & Linguistics

Merrill F. Garrett: Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology

Peter JansenAssistant Professor, School of Information

Kimberly JonesProfessor, Department of East Asian Studies; Vice Dean of Faculty Affairs, College of Humanities; 

Aneta KielarAssistant Professor, Department of Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences

Vicky LaiAssistant Professor, Department of Psychology

Feng-Hsi LiuProfessor, Department of East Asian Studies

Sheila Nicholas: Professor, Department of Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies

Antxon Olarrea: Professor, Department of Spanish & Portuguese

Susan Penfield: Research Coordinator (Ret.), Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language, and Literacy (CERCLL)

Denis Provencher: Professor, Department of French & Italian

Jon Reinhardt: Professor & Director, English Applied Linguistics

Muriel Saville-Troike: Regents' Professor & Professor Emerita, Department of English

Miguel Simonet: Associate Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Brad Story: Professor, Department of Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences & Associate Dean, College of Science

Samuel Supalla: Associate Professor, Department of Disability & Psychoeducational Studies

Mihai Surdeanu: Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science

Rudolph Troike: Professor Emeritus, Department of English

Linda Waugh: Professor Emerita, Department of French & Italian

Malcah Yaeger-Dror: Affiliate, Departments of Linguistics & Cognitive Science

Thony Gillies: Department of Philosophy