Malcah Yaeger-Dror

Affiliate, Departments of Linguistics & Cognitive Science

Malcah Yaeger-Dror is a member of the (variationist) sociolinguistics community, and works closely with corpus and forensic linguists who share her belief that the larger the corpus, the more you can learn about variation and change within a given speech community. She has carried out sociophonetic research on English, French, Spanish and Hebrew vowels, r, and prosody. She also advocates the study of how intergroup attitudes may influence sociophonetic choices: speakers’ fluctuating attitudes towards who they want to be, how they wish to relate to specific interlocutors, & the (multiple) ways they wish to present themselves in specific situations; sociophonetic variation reflects the multifaceted internal universe--if only we can figure out how! Her personal activities include baking for friends, playing with grandkids when she can, and trying to keep Sophia from leaping the fence.