The Department of Linguistics has four Endowments which are currently accepting donations:

All gifts are tax deductible in accordance with the law. For more information on ways of giving to The University of Arizona’s Department of Linguistics, please contact:

Joshua Carlin at
P.O. Box 210025
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Ofelia Zepeda Endowment in Native American Language Documentation and Revitalization

Your support helps students from endangered language groups in the Master of Arts in Native American Languages and Linguistics (NAMA) program learn how to reclaim and revitalize endangered Native American languages.

By reducing NAMA students' financial burden, you enable them to bring their knowledge of preserving, protecting, and promoting Native American languages back to their communities. Many are also going on to complete a Ph.D. and become influential scholars who can mentor and advise younger generations of students.

Ofelia Zepeda Endowment

Kenneth Hale Scholarship Endowment

The Department of Linguistics at the University of Arizona had a long-term relationship with the late Professor Kenneth Hale of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a relationship which brought many benefits to the Department. Professor Hale grew up in Arizona, and taught here in The School of Anthropology for several years in the sixties. He was instrumental in the establishment of The University of Arizona Department of Linguistics, and his life-long goals of recording and encouraging the maintenance of Native American languages, and the support of Native American students, are well known to us all.

The field of Linguistics as a whole has been profoundly affected by the work and example of Professor Hale, who transformed the nature of research on minority languages, and brought recognition to the urgent necessity of work on these languages, many of which are on the edge of extinction. The department has established a Scholarship Fund to further the documentation and maintenance of Native American Languages. With support from our alumni and friends we are able to continue funding our M.A. in Native American Linguistics students. Thank you.


Make checks payable to:

University of AZ Foundation/Ken Hale Endowment
P.O. Box 210025, Tucson AZ 85721

Linguistics General Fund

Our Linguistics General Fund is an unrestricted account which financially supports students and department operations.


Make checks payable to:

University of AZ Foundation/Linguistics General Fund
P.O. Box 210025, Tucson AZ 85721

Malakeh Taleghani Scholarship & Endowment

Dr. Malakeh Taleghani was a respected community leader, educator, playwrite, director and regarded thinker.

She believed that anyone could achieve academic success at the highest level, even within cultures where the role of women was restricted. She was a giving, tolerant and forgiving person who saw the good in everyone, and focused on the strengths of people, rather than their weaknesses. Dr. Taleghani was committed to helping students further their educational dreams and goals, particularly students in Iranian Studies.


Please make checks payable to:
UA Foundation/Malakeh Taleghani Grad Endowment
The University of Arizona
Department of Linguistics
Attn: Joshua Carlin
P.O. Box 210025, Tucson AZ 85721

Dr. Malakeh Taleghani received a Ph.D. in Persian Literature from Tehran University and an M.A. from Portland State University. She is the author of The Ups and Downs of the Life of an Iranian Woman, and a co-author of Zan dar Iran-e Bastaan (Women in Ancient Iran).

Throughout her life she contributed to society in the United States and Iran. In Iran she was a high school teacher, principal, a professor, and served as Deputy Secretary of The Ministry of Education; she was also a Representative in the Iranian National Assembly. During retirement she was an active member and leader in her retirement communities in Portland, Oregon and Tucson, Arizona.

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