Graduate Overview

Our Graduate Programs are among the most competitive linguistics programs in the country, offering advanced degrees in Linguistics (PhD), Human Language Technology (MS) (Online and Main Campus Programs), Native American Languages and Linguistics (MA), and Anthropology and Linguistics (joint PhD).

The Department of Linguistics also offers current UA undergraduates the option to complete the Accelerated MS in Human Language Technology. In addition, students enrolled in the PhD program complete either an MA or MS along the way to their PhD.

Our Graduate Programs

Ph.D. Linguistics

The Ph.D. in Linguistics is an academic/professional research degree, designed to produce scholars who can carry out research on human language in any of its aspects within a contemporary theoretical framework.

M.S. Human Language Technology

Human Language Technology is a developing interdisciplinary field that encompasses most subdisciplines of linguistics, as well as computational linguistics, natural language processing, computer science, artificial intelligence, and more.

M.A. Native American Languages & Linguistics

The NAMA degree program is oriented towards community language activists who wish to train in the kinds of skills and experience needed to work on maintaining, revitalizing, and documenting their native languages.

Joint Ph.D. Anthropology & Linguistics

The joint Ph.D. program allows students to pursue the study of language in its social context and linguistic theory, drawing on the resources of our department and the Linguistic Anthropology program within the School of Anthropology.