Muriel Saville-Troike

Regents' Professor & Professor Emerita, Department of English

Modern Languages, Room 482

Muriel Saville-Troike (Ph.D. University of Texas 1968, Linguistics) Professor of English. Research Interests: First and second language acquisition (especially Navajo and Chinese), language attrition, contrastive rhetoric.

    Selected Publications:

  • The Ethnography of Communication (second edition), Blackwell, 1989.
  • "Differential effects of L2 on children's L1 development/attrition", (with J. Pan & L. Dutkova). Southwest Journal of Linguistics 14 (1-2), 125-149, 1995.
  • "Development of the inflected verb in Navajo child language", E. Jelinek, S. Midgette, K. Rice, & L. Saxon, eds., Athapaskan Language Studies, University of New Mexico Press, 137-192 1996.