LouAnn Gerken

Affiliate Faculty

Psychology Building, Room 330

About LouAnn Gerken

I am interested in how infants and young children learn and how general learning mechanisms, such as hypothesis generation and selection, can be used in service of learning language.

Research Interests

Human learning and categorization,  language development

Selected Publications

Gerken, L.A. (2009). Language Development. San Diego: Plural Publishing.

Balcomb, F. K., & Gerken, L. A. (2008). Three-year-old children can access their own  memory to guide responses on a visual matching task. Developmental Science, 11, 750-760.

Gerken, L. A., & Bollt, A. (2008). Three exemplars allow at least some linguistic  generalizations: Implications for generalization mechanisms and constraints.  Language Learning and Development, 4(3), 228-248.

Dawson, C., & Gerken, L. A. (2009). Language and music become distinct  domains through experience. Cognition, 111(3), 378-382.

Richtsmeier, P. T., Gerken, L. A., Goffman, L., & Hogan, T. (2009). Statistical frequency in perception affects children’s lexical production. Cognition, 111(3), 372-377.

Gerken (2010). Infants use rational decision criteria for choosing among models of their input. Cognition, 115(2), 362-366.

Dawson, C., & Gerken, L. A. (2011). When global structure "explains away" evidence for local grammar: A Bayesian account of rule induction in tone sequences. Cognition.

Gerken, L. A., Balcomb, F. K., & Minton, J. (2011). Infants avoid "laboring in vain" by attending more to learnable than unlearnable linguistic patterns. Developmental Science.