Brad Story

Professor, Department of Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences & Associate Dean, College of Science

Brad Story is a Professor of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics from the University of Northern Iowa, Dr. Story was employed in industry as an acoustics engineer where he developed computer models and instrumentation systems for designing and measuring the performance of mufflers. Odd as it may seem, Dr. Story’s work with mufflers (or acoustic filters as he prefers to call them) led him to pursue a doctoral degree in Speech and Hearing Science at the University of Iowa. In his post-doctoral work he has been employed as a Research Scientist at the University of Iowa and most recently at the Wilbur James Gould Voice Center in Denver, Colorado.
Dr. Story’s research centers on the use of computer models to aid in understanding how the shapes, sizes, and movements of both the voice source components and the vocal tract contribute to the sounds of speech. To augment these models, his laboratory includes facilities for recording and analyzing acoustic, aerodynamic, and glottographic signals. In addition, Dr. Story is continuing a long-term project in volumetric (structural) imaging of the vocal tract shape using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Speech Acoustics and Physiology Lab