Linguistics Undergraduate Major Requirements

Major Requirements:

Students must complete the General Education and other degree requirements applicable to the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and an additional 30 units of major coursework. Half of the major courses must be upper division (15 units).

The structure of the linguistics major is:

  • LING 201 (Introduction to Language)
  • LING 300 (Introduction to Syntax)
  • LING 315 (Introduction to Phonology)
  • 21 units of linguistics electives

Other things you should know:

  • The first three courses are required of all students.
  • LING 201 is a prerequisite for LING 300, LING 315, and many other courses.
  • Any course with a "LING" prefix counts as a linguistics elective.
  • An optional 9 out of the 21 units of electives may come from less commonly taught language courses.
  • Up to 6 units of Independent Study or Directed Research in Linguistics may apply as linguistics electives. We strongly encourage you to enroll in at least one as part of your major coursework.

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