Native American's Interior nomination thrills tribal leaders, activists across Arizona

Our own Aresta Tsosie-Paddock was interviewed for this article. 'Young Native Americans can look up to Haaland and see her as a role model, said Aresta Tsosie-Paddock, an assistant professor at the University of Arizona’s Department of American Indian studies and in the Linguistics Department. “I’m very elated and excited for this new appointment. When I read that she was picked there’s a lot of emotions attached to it,” Tsosie-Paddock said. “She’s going to be the steward of lands and also of Native issues. Knowing that she understands the philosophy of land and its connection to people, and her being raised in that matter, that speaks volumes. “She’s a win-win for everyone. Not just Indigenous people, but those of us who have a relationship with Mother Earth or with the earth in that capacity,” Tsosie-Paddock added.' Good work, Aresta!

Published Date: 

01/14/2021 - 11:20am