Spring 2014 Undergraduate Research Forum

Congratulations to the Undergraduate Students who presented their research at the Spring 2014 Department of Linguistics Undergraduate Research Forum on May 2, 2014!

Students presented on a diverse array of topics and the department is very proud of their achievements.


1. Michelle Gernon: Temporal concepts in developing children and users of a developing sign language (Nicaraguan Sign Language)
2. Jerome Biedny: Coyote Cycle; a transcription project of Cœur d'Alène
3. Caroline Blair: Denominal Verb Formation in Colloquial Russian
4. Marissa Cooper: Absolute pitch: The Burmese language, tonal second language acquisition, and the advantage of musical training
5. Kaitlyn Fowler: The vowel spaces of adolescents with cochlear implants
1. Alejandra Baltazar and Yamile Diaz: Spontaneous speech variability across languages: Labial and velar stops
2. Andrea Morales: Effects of listener characteristics on foreign-accentedness rating of a non-standard English Dialect

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05/09/2014 - 10:25am

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