The Research Group in Sound Minds (Phonology & Phonetics)


Phonetics and phonology are studied by groups within each relevant lab, and many students participate in more than one lab group.  The sound subfields also meet in a larger group titled "Sound Minds" in some semesters, when a need is felt for a research group spanning all the labs.

Research Group Participants

Faculty with primary interests in Sound structure:

  • Diana B. Archangeli, Prof., Linguistics, Cognitive Science (MIT 1984) Phonology, phonetics, morphology, Native American languages, ryphonological features and their phonetic correlates, syllable structure, templatic morphology.
  • Ana Maria Carvalho, Asst. Prof. Spanish and Portuguese (UC Berkeley) Sociolinguistics, Spanish and Portuguese Linguistics.
  • LouAnn Gerken, Prof., Psychology, Linguistics, Cognitive Science (Columbia 1987) Infant phonological development and the use of prosody in the discovery of morpho-syntax
  • Michael Hammond, Assoc. Prof., Linguistics, Cognitive Science (UCLA 1984) Phonology, computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, meter, stress/accent, and syllable structure.
  • Diane Ohala, Assoc. Prof, Linguistics (UArizona 1996) Phonological acquisition in normal language and speech-language impaired populations, phonology, psycholinguistics.
  • Natasha Warner, Prof. Linguistics (UCBerkeley 1998) Phonetics, Experimental Phonology, Psycholinguistics, and Language Revitalization
  • Malcah Yaeger-Dror, Research Scientist, Cognitive Science (UPennsylvania 1979) Sound change, chain shifting of vowels, disagreement strategies, prosody and interactive strategies.
  • Adam Ussishkin, Assoc. Prof., Linguistics (UC Santa Cruz 2000).
  • Andrew Wedel, Assoc. Prof., Linguistics (UC Santa Cruz 2003).

Faculty with secondary interests in Sound Structure:

  • Janet Nicol, Assoc. Prof., Psychology, Linguistics, Cognitive Science. Sentence production
  • Ofelia Zepeda, Assoc. Prof., Linguistics, AILDI Co-director. Lexicography, Tohono O’odham linguistics

Graduate Programs in Language Sound Structure

The research group, in coordination with the department of linguistics, sponsors a Ph.D. in Linguistics with a specialization in Phonetics, Phonology, and morphophonology.