The Study of Native American Languages

Taught by the Linguistics Department:

  • LING104a-b Introduction to Navajo (Diné)
  • LING204a-b Conversational Navajo
  • LING307a-b Conversational Tohono O'odham (previously known as Papago) 
  • LING210 American Indian Languages (a class in the linguistics of Native American Langauges)

For more information on these, please consult our course descriptions, or contact the department.

Other Native American Languages classes:

  • ANTH482 Hopi Language and Culture
  • ANTH489 Areal Survey of Native American Languages

The department of linguistics also offers an MA degree in the study of Native American languages.

The University of Arizona also sponsors the annual American Indian Language Development Institute.

Research at the University of Arizona Linguistics department covers many Native American languages, including Salishan Languages, Mayan Languages, Tohono O'odham, Navajo, Hiaki (Yaqui), Oneida, Laguna among others.