Graduate Study in Computational Linguistics

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We offer both an Human Language Technology Master's Degree and a PhD with an emphasis in Computational Linguistics.

Course Work

Faculty with A Primary emphasis in Computational Linguistics

Sandiway Fong, Assoc. Prof. Linguistics and Human Language Technology MA Program Coordinator, The intersection of Linguistics and Computation

Michael Hammond, Prof., Linguistics, Cognitive Science (UCLA 1984) Phonology, computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, meter, stress/accent, and syllable structure.

D. Terence Langendoen, Prof. (Ph.D. MIT 1964) syntax and semantics of reciprocity, coordination and its relation to subordination. (Department of Linguistics)

Natasha Warner, Asst. Prof. Linguistics (UC Berkeley 1998) Phonetics, Experimental Phonology, Language Preservation

Ying Lin, Asst. Prof. Linguistics, Computational Phonology