ANLI Program Requirements

Program Requirements

In Anthropology, students are required to take two semesters of the interdisciplinary core course, Anth 608A and 608B, as well as Anth680, "Foundations of Linguistic Anthropology."

In Linguistics, students are required to take Ling 503, "Foundations of Syntactic Theory", Ling 510, "Phonology", and Ling 697A, "Prelim", as well as the one-credit 'Linguistics Colloquium" course.

In addition, students must select from a 'menu' of Linguistics and Anthropology courses to make up a total of 46 units of coursework, minimum. The menu requires:

Either LING 515 (Phonetics) or LING 507 (Statistical Analysis) AND either ANTH 620 (Linguistic Field Techniques) or LING/ANTH 588 (Linguistic Elicitation and Documentation)

Four additional courses in Linguistics from distinct 'core groups' (see the Linguistics Graduate Handbook for a description of the core groups and the courses associated with them).

Four additional courses in Anthropology, chosen from the following: Anth 576 Language and Culture, Anth 583 Sociolinguistics, Anth 585 Face-to-Face Interaction, Anth 678 Ethnographic Discourse Analysis, Anth 681 Keywords in Linguistics Anthropology, and Anth 696C Topics Seminars

In addition, before moving on to their dissertation research, students write a comprehensive exam in Anthropology and a qualifying 'prelim' paper in Linguistics (while taking the "Prelim" course). During dissertation research, students must take at least 18 dissertation units, in compliance with Graduate College regulations.