NAMA Faculty

Faculty with A Primary emphasis in Native American Linguistics

  • Ofelia Zepeda, (Tohono O’odham) Regents’ Professor. Linguistics of Tohono O’odham, language teaching, Language Revitalization & Maintenance. Director of AILDI.
  • Amy Fountain, Lecturer. Phonology, Phonetics, general American Indian languages .
  • Stacey Oberly (AILDI faculty)  (Southern Ute) Assistant Professor. Phonetics, phonology of Southern Ute, Language teaching, Documentation & Revitalization.
  • Heidi Harley, Associate Professor. Hiaki morphosyntax, Hiaki language teaching & maintenance, lexical semantics.
  • Natasha Warner, Associate Professor. Language Maintenance and revitalization of Mutsun Language, Experimental Phonetics.
  • Andrew Carnie, Associate Professor & Dean of the Graduate College. Nez Perce syntax, Syntactic Theories, Celtic linguistics.
  • Wilson de Lima Silva, Assistant Professor. Theoretical linguistics and language documentation & revitalization. Director of NAMA.

Other Faculty with Native American Linguistic Interests

  • Sheilah Nicholas (Hopi). Hopi language shift and education. Dept. of Language, Reading, & Culture.
  • Leisy Wyman. Yup’ik language shift among youth. Dept. of Language, Reading, & Culture.
  • Mary Carol Combs. Language education and policy. Dept. of Language, Reading, & Culture.
  • Perry Gilmore, Language Identity, language and culture. Dept. of Language, Reading, & Culture.
  • Jane Hill. Regents’ Professor. Uto-Aztecan languages, historical linguistics.
  • K. Tsianina Lomawaima (Creek) Chair of American Indian Studies Program. History of Indian Education, Federal Boarding School Experiences, ethnohistory.