Aresta Tsosie-Paddock

Assistant Professor

About Aresta Tsosie-Paddock

Ya’at’eeh, shi ei Dr. Aresta Tsosie-Paddock yinishye. My Navajo clans are Naakai Dine'e/To’aheedliinii (Journeying People/Water Flows Together clan) born for Biih'bitoo’nii (Deer Springs clan), maternal grandfathers are Tl'izi lani (Many Goats clan) and paternal grandfathers are Kinyaa'aanii (Towering House clan). I am a citizen of the Navajo Nation from Sand Springs, Arizona, situated in western Navajo Nation, and affiliated with the Leupp Chapter located in Leupp, Arizona.

I am a proficient speaker of the Navajo language which is my first language.

My area of emphasis is Navajo language, displacement and dispossession of cultural heritage, native gender, Navajo history and philosophy, native nation building, Indigenous urban studies, tribal government, and Federal Indian law and policy.