Cheonkam Jeong

Graduate Teaching/Research Associate

About Cheonkam Jeong

PhD candidate interested in phonology, phonetics, and computational linguistics


  • Theory of Mind-based Cognitive Architecture for Teams (ToMCAT) Project

Supervisor: Dr. Adarsh Pyarelal in School of Information at the University of Arizona in the U.S.

Working for a speech team to improve the model performance considering acoustic features of speech; specifically, I am working on building unsupervised models for detecting vocal entrainment among participants engaged in cooperative tasks

  • Subtlex-KR, a Korean Subtitle Corpus

Collaborator: Dr. Kevin Tang in the Department for English Language and Linguistics at Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf in Germany


Building a Korean subtitle corpus, considering both word and morpheme levels; specifically, I created morpheme-analyzed subtitle files using KoNLPy (a Korean NLP toolkit in Python), currently working on alignments using tgt (a textgrid toolkit in Python), and will investigate probabilistic reduction considering informativity

Research Interests

Probablistic Phonology, Phonology-phonetics interface, Laboratory Phonology, Corpus Linguistics, Corpus Construction, Speech Recognition and Synthesis, Natural Language Processing, and AI Ethics