Damian Romero

Graduate Teaching Associate (COH)

About Damian Romero

Damian Romero (pronouns: he, him, they). Graduate Assistant in DevOps, data curation, and outreach for the ReDATA team at the University of Arizona Libraries, Office of Digital Innovation & Stewardship. If you would like to learn more about ReDATA and how to publish your alternative research outputs (datasets, code, posters, media, etc.) you can do so here.


Damian is a Ph.D. candidate in Hispanic Linguistics, focusing on corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, and natural language processing with experience in English, Spanish, and Portuguese projects for academia and industry.  His research focuses on the study of human interactions through computational linguistics.  Damian holds an M.A. in Hispanic Linguistics and a B.A. in linguistics and language teaching.  He has been a Spanish teacher for more than eight years, both in face-to-face and online modalities.


In his free time, Damian enjoys salsa dancing.  He was recently stranded in Buenos Aires airport during the COVID crisis where the airport staff joked saying he was the "Mexican Tom Hanks" (vid. The Terminal), but Damian had fun while on his brief stay at the airport.


Research Interests

Pragmatics, Corpus Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, and Language Modeling