Eloise Jelinek

Adjunct Associate Professor of Linguistics

Eloise Jelinek (Ph.D. University of Arizona, 1981) Adjunct Associate Professor of Linguistics. Research Interests: syntax and semantics, language universals and typology; Native American Languages.

    Selected Publications:

  • "Quantification in Straits Salish", in Emmon Bach, Eloise Jelinek, Angelika Kratzer and Barbara Partee, eds., Quantification in Natural Languages, Kluwer, 1995.
  • "Navajo as a Discourse Configurational Language", (with Mary Willie), Ted Fernald and Paul Platero, eds., Navajo Linguistics, Oxford University Press, in press.
  • "Voice and Transitivity as Functional Projections in Yaqui", Miriam Butt and Willi Geuder, eds., Projections from the Lexicon, CSLI, 1988.