Gabriela De la Cruz-Sánchez

Gabriela De la Cruz-Sánchez

PhD in Linguistics Candidate
Graduate Associate

About Gabriela De la Cruz-Sánchez

I am a PhD in Linguistics candidate at the University of Arizona. My research focuses on Second Language Acquisition and Teaching, bilingual education, semantics at the NP level, sociolinguistics, phonology, language documentation and revitalization, and toponyms.

I hold a BA in Languages with a major in Teaching, a MA in Applied Linguistics and a MA in Native American Languages and Linguistics. 

I speak English, Spanish, French and Otomi, a Mexican language. I have participated in projects related to languages such as Punjabi, Seri, Diné Bizzad, Ossetian and Otomi. 


Current Projects

- Documentation of toponyms and geography through life stories. 

- Analysis of the NP at the morpho semantic level 

- Dictionary of Western Otomi 

- Corpus creation of Western Otomi



To appear.  "Nasalization in Otomi". In Jordan A.G. Douglas-Tavani and Guillem Belmar Viernes (eds.), Workshop on American Indigenous Languages,WAIL 25: A Quarter Century of WAIL April 14 - 15  University of California, Santa Barbara.

2022 "Indefiniteness in Temoaya Otomi". In Nitschke, R. et. al (eds.), Coyote Papers 24: Proceedings of the Arizona Linguistics Circle 15

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