George-Michael Pescaru

About George-Michael Pescaru

About me:

  • I was born in Bucharest, Romania, but I was raised in Boise, Idaho. 
  • I am the PAC-12's number one fan, with undergraduate degrees from Washington and an MA from Utah.

Research interests:

  • Currently, I am a phonologist. As far as that goes, I am especially interested in formal models of gradiant variation, where certain synchronic patterns enable multiple realizations of a word that are each equally acceptable with no significant information conveyed by the choice of one over another (e.g. French schwa deletion).
  • I am also interested in agent-based models of language change and/or use, such as exemplar modeling, though this interest isn't exclusive to phonology.


  • English, ostensibly fluent
  • Romanian, functional conversation/basic reading
    • Romglish, fluent
  • Danish, basic conversation/functional reading