Qing Zhang

Associate Professor, Anthropology

Haury Anthropology Building, Room 306

Qing Zhang (Ph.D. Linguistics, Stanford) Assistant Professor of Anthropology. Research interests: The constitutive role of language in contexts of social change and globalization.

     Selected publications:

  • Zhang, Qing. 2008. Rhotacization and the "Beijing Smooth Operator": The social meaning of a linguistic variable. Journal of Sociolinguistics 12 (2): 201-222.
  • Zhang, Qing. 2007. Cosmopolitanism and linguistic capital in China: Language, gender and the transition to a globalized market economy in Beijing. In Bonnie McElhinny (ed.), Words, Worlds, and Material Girls: Language, Gender, Globalization, 403-422. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter.
  • Zhang, Qing. 2006. Cosmopolitan Mandarin: Linguistic practice of Chinese waiqi professionals. Journal of Asian Pacific Communication 16 (2): 215-235.
  • Zhang, Qing. 2005. A Chinese yuppie in Beijing: Phonological variation and the construction of a new professional identity. Language in Society 34 (3): 431-466.
  • Wong, Andrew and Qing Zhang. 2001. The linguistic construction of the Tongzhi Community. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 10 (2): 248-278.